Coming Soon: Ignorant Male Magazine!

Welcome to the future site of Ignorant Male, a web-resource dedicated to the education and engagement of adult males in the studies of health, education, sciences, and the arts. This site is dedicated to all the men who have always had an interest in self-improvement but never had the resources available for them to go that extra mile. Whether it be exposure to the arts, new workout routines, or the latest specs on up-and-coming technology, it can be found at Ignorant Male.

Why use "Ignorant?" Are you calling me stupid?

Far from it, gentlemen. Ignorance is marked by a lack of education and one ought not be ashamed of a lack of knowledge in a certain area. We are all born knowing nothing, and must constantly struggle for a better place in life and for every morsel of intelligence we gain. Stupidity is a complete lack of concern in a given area and a corresponding stubbornness of one to gain a greater understanding of that subject. One must strive always to fight a lethargic and uncaring attitude that would lead to "stupidity."

Who are you, and how do I use this site?

I am the creator, designer, and editor of this site, the first IgnorantMale. I hope that in the coming weeks this site will become a community for both public discource and a center for learning by people who aren't afraid to admit they need a little help. There's no shame in not knowing everything, only in pretending that you do. Visit back soon when this community's forums and articles will soon be published!